The department plays a pivotal role of enhancing the standards, professionalism and quality of products and services delivery in the tourism sector and supporting the regulatory function of the Authority as stipulated under section 7 (a) of the Tourism Act, 2011. The activities are coordinates through two divisions; Standards and Quality Assurance divisions based at the headquarters of the Authority.

This is one of the technical departments of the Authority and is responsible for development, review and implement policies, regulations, guidelines and strategies in line with TRA mandates; registration and licensing of tourism regulated enterprises; enforcement of compliance to regulatory provisions, national  directory of regulated tourism activities and services; specialist/ expert regulatory advisory services; continuous improvement of tourist activities and services and  adherence to sound principles and practices of sustainable tourism; and duty waiver exemptions; and annual tourism status report in accordance with Tourism Act, 2011.

The department is responsible for overall support
services and its functions include Finance and Accounts; Human Resource
Management, Information Communication Technology (ICT) management, corporate
strategy and planning, Records Management and general administration functions
of the Authority.

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