Who We Are

Who We Are

Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) is a corporate body established under section 4 of the Tourism Act No.28 of 2011 and is mandated to regulate the tourism sector in Kenya. This entails developing regulations, standards and guidelines that are necessary to ensure an all-round quality service delivery in the tourism sector.

The Authority derives its powers to regulate the tourism sector from the Tourism Act, 2011. The objective and purpose of the Authority is to regulate the tourism sector. The functions of The Regulatory Authority as provided by the Act are:  

  1. To formulate guidelines and prescribe measures for sustainable tourism throughout the country.
  2. To regulate tourism activities and services countrywide, in accordance with the national tourism strategy.
  3. To register, license and grade all sustainable tourism and tourist-related activities and services including cottages and private residences engaged in guest house services.
  4. To develop and implement, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, criteria for standardization and classification of tourism facilities and services.
  5. To develop and regulate, in consultation with the Ministry for the time being responsible for matters relating to education, tourism and hospitality curriculum, examination and certification.
  6. To develop and implement a code of practice for the tourism sector.
  7. To ensure the development and implementation of high-quality tourism sector.
  8. To monitor and assess tourist activities and services to enhance continuous improvement and adherence to sound principles and practices of sustainable tourism.
  9. To undertake annual assessment and audit of tourism activities and services, measures and initiatives at national level, and prepare and publish an annual national tourism sector status report, in consultation with the minister and relevant lead agencies, and

Perform any other functions that are ancillary to the object and purpose for which the Authority is established.

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